16th October 1872 – A Gipsy Advertisment in “The Times”

In Charles Leland’s 1874 book “English Gipsies and Their Language“, under the section ‘A Gipsy Advertisment in “The Times”‘ he discusses a classified ad that his crptogropher friend tried in vain to deceipher, and which he immediately recognised as English Romany Cant. We’ve found that advert in our large stock of Victorian issues of The Times, from October 16th, 1872:

The translation, according to Mr Leland:
“I know of —. Trust me, and send word where you are. On my word, I will not tell till you give me leave. Your mother’s heart is wellnigh broken. I am afraid your father will go mad. He will forgive all. For God’s sake, let him know something.” (Charles Leland, ommitted the names from his translation)