Family Bible of Charlotte and Jermiah Greenaway of Gloucestershire

A large leatherbound Family Bible listing the family of Charlotte and Jeremiah Greenaway of Gloucestershire, England.

The Bible lists the birth details of Jeremiah and Charlotte, as well as the birth of 7 children. The Bible has an enigmatic marriage listing relating to Agnes M Greenaway, who may well be the A M Greenaway listed as born in 1862, but it has a marriage date of 1857. There are a number of deaths listed too: Charlotte, G.A.L, Gertrude, Herbert and Bertha Annie. There are two street addresses listed against births.

The Bible itself is an impressive leatherbound illustrated Victorian Bible published by Cassell, Petter and Galpin. The boards are still attached which is unusual for a Bible of this type, though the front board is loose and the hinges split. The binding itself is tight and the pages of the book are in goog condition.

An impressive Family Bible in better condition that 80% of the Bibles we see, with a nice family register.


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This items mentions 9 individuals.
Surnames listed are Greenaway
A M Greenaway
Bertha Annie Greenaway
Charlotte Greenaway
G A L Greenaway
Gertrude E Greenaway
H L Greenaway
Herbert Greenaway
Jeremiah Greenaway
M A Greenaway


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