Family Bible of James Sherman & Ursula Doughty, London, 1795

A stunning 2 volume large leatherbound Family Bible published in 1782 with references to the marriage and offspring of James Sherman & Ursula Doughty including the record of two still births.

Making this item of particular interest, the Bible lists the birth of James Sherman (21st April 1796 – 15th February 1862) the noted abolitionist. James Sherman was well known for contributing the Introduction to the classic anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The bible also includes an apparently unconnected reference to Clementina Campbell & Henry Flagonan, and Hannah Hearn who was apparently gifted the Bible in 1833 by “her mistress Mrs Sherman”. There is an additional reference to E Grant Burls of Thornlea, Shortlands, a part of Bromley.

Each volume is tight and well bound in leather, showing evidence of rebinding and repair. The first volume appears to be within it’s original leather binding with professional repairs to the hinges. The second volume appears to have suffered some water damage at some point in it’s history and shows staining throughout. The volume appears to have been entirely rebound in it’s more recent history.


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This items mentions 9 individuals.
Surnames listed are Burls, Campbell, Doughty, Flagonan, Hearn and Sherman
E Grant Burls
Clementina Campbell
Ursula Doughty
Henry Flagonan
Hannah Hearn
James Sherman
James Sherman
John Sherman
Mary Sherman


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