Family Bible of George Lockwood (b. 1828) and Mary Waterman (b. 1828) of Streatham

A Large Victorian leatherbound Family Bible of George Lockwood (b. 1828) and Mary Waterman (b. 1828) of Streatham, containing some stunning inserts.

First, details of the family: The Bible lists the birth and marriage details of George and his wife Mary, along with the birth times and dates, and Christening dates of their 8 children. The children listed are: Emily (1851), Alethea Agnes (1853), Robert William (1855), George Cyril (1857), Arthur Midford Glover (1860), Florence Elizabeth (1862), Ellen Mary (1866) and Janet Sarah (1867). It also lists the death dates and burial dates and location of Robert and Sarah Waterman listed as George’s Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. The register is completed across four pages, written in dark ink in at least two hands, one of which is neat and tight, the other being meticulously neat and tight. There are some corrections made in the register (a middle name crossed out, for example), and details of the marriages of Alethea Agnes and Robert William.

This Bible has the added bonus of three inserts – Two bookmarks and a large lock of white hair. The first bookmark is hand embroidered on card and contains a religious sentiment. The second bookmark is a intricate woven silk so called “Stevengraph” bookmark, manufactured by Thomas Stevens in Coventry, UK. Stevengraphs are highly collectable in their own right, we would value this particular example “Behold The Man” at £30. The third, to our mind most impressive insert, found tightly pressed between the pages, is a large lock of fine white or light blonde hair held together by a tight knot in the centre. Being particularly fine, my feeling is that this hair is from the head of a child from the Lockwood family. All three items will be provided in a museum grade acid free preservation sleeve.

As usual for a Large Victorian Bible, the boards are detached, but otherwise, the Bible is in otherwise good condition. Some typical scuffing to the leather, otherwise the binding is tight and complete. We can quote for full restoration or repair to the boards.

Family Bibles are beautiful family heirlooms, but the inserts make this one a particularly desirable example.


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This items mentions 14 individuals.
Surnames listed are Hunt, Lockwood, Waterman and Wickham
William Hunt
Anethea Agnes Lockwood
Arthur Midford Glover Lockwood
Ellen Mary Lockwood
Emily Lockwood
Florence Elizabeth Lockwood
George Lockwood
George Cyril Lockwood
Janet Sarah Lockwood
Mary Lockwood
Robert William Lockwood
Robert Waterman
Sarah Waterman
Mary Ann Wickham