Family Bible of John Musket Fife and Donaldina McVean of Midlothian, Scotland

A large mid-Victorian leatherbound Bible, from the Family of John Musket Fife and Donaldina McVean of Midlothian in Scotland. The family register covers 15 individuals, ranging from John Musket Fife’s birth in 1858 and his wife’s bith in 1855 through to the marriage and seven children of John Musket Fife Jr.

The register is written on one page in two, or possibly three neat hands. The Bible includes a number of inserts found within the pages: An embroidered card on faded red silk depicting a cross with the words “God be with thee”; An embroidered card on green silk with the words “From Helen x”; Three pieces of red tweed, each around four inches in length.

The Bible itself is in good condition, though the front title page appears to have been removed. Unusually, the boards remain attached, and the spine is tight with headbands.


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This items mentions 15 individuals.
Surnames listed are Fife, McVean and Taylor
Alexander Donald Fife
Alexander White Fife
Dorah McVean Fife
Florence Louise Fife
John Guy Fife
John Musket Fife
John Muslet Fife
Leonard Charles Fife
Louis Alexander Fife
Louise Jessie Fife
Margaret Helen Couacher Fife
Peter Duncan Fife
Robert George Fife
Donaldina McVean
Agnes Florence Taylor


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