Family Bible of Thomas Barton and Jane Hurst of Skelmersdale, Lancashire, 1857

A small leatherbound Bible from 1857, from the Barton family of Skelmersdale, Lancashire. The Bible lists the three sons of Thomas and Jane Barton (nee Hurst) – James Barton, John Barton and Thomas Barton – in brown ink on the front endpaper. The five children of Thomas Barton (Jr) are listed in pencil on the second page of the endpaper. The birth dates of Isaac, Mary, Thomas P., William and Jane Winstandley [sic] Barton are all given along with the death date of Jane Winstandley, who died in childhood.

The rear endpaper lists the death dates of two further individuals: Joheps Hughes and Elizabeth Hill. The rear endpaper also has a further inscription written upside down, as if the book had been opened from the wrong end: “Thomas Barton Copper House Rowey” (the final word is not completely distinct and is possibly “Rowe” or “Rowes”). My research has not uncovered the location of Copper House.

The item benefits from three four-leaf clovers left in-situ pressed between The Book of Job and The Book of Psalms.

The front leather has been pressed with the emblem of the British and Foreign Bible Society and the phrase “Sold Under Cost – Ten Pence”.

Despite it’s condition this is an attractive and affordable item.


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This items mentions 10 individuals.
Surnames listed are Barton, Hill and Hughes
Isaac Barton
James Barton
Jane Winstandley Barton
John Barton
Mary Barton
Thomas Barton
Thomas P Barton
William Barton
Elizabeth Hill
Joseph Hughes


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