Family Bible of Thomas and Elizabeth Davey of Dulverton and Brompton Regis, Somerset


A medium sized leatherbound British and Foreign Bible Society Bible, dating to 1872 and listing three generations of the Davey / Rawle family of Dulverton and Brompton Regis in Somerset within the endpapers, pages and upon a seperate loose leaf. The family register spans over 150 years, begining with the birth of Elizabeth Davey in 1822 and closing with the death of Wilfred John Davey on 26th August 1981. The register also includes the death of Elizabeth Cowlen who’s relationship to the Davey / Rawle famiy isn’t mentioned.

The Davey family appear to have a long history in Brompton Regis and are mentioned several times within the village history published on here.

Shircombe Farm is also mentioned within the family register as the death place of Robert Albert Charles Davey who died their in 1899. Shircombe Farm is an impressive 8 bedroom property that was on the market for £2.5m in 2013.

The family register itself is written in a number of hands – at least four – in a quite untidy fashion across several pages. In some cases the precise time of a birth is listed. And it seems that there was a predisposition to dying at hotels with George Rawle dying at Clarke’s Hotel, Taunton (now The Castle Hotel) and his sister dying at The Lamb Hotel in Dulverton

The leather binding tight and the boards are attached with loose hinges. The leather is badly scuffed. Endpapers are loose and stained but most pages are clean.

In total, there are 22 people listed in this fascinating book packed with history.


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This items mentions 22 individuals.
Surnames listed are Cowlen, Davey, Rawle, Tarr and Unknown
Elizabeth Cowlen
Albert James Davey
Albert William Davey
Amy Irene Davey
Edward Alfred Davey
Edward james Davey
Ellen Davey
Ellen Davey
Hubert William Davey
Mary Ann Davey
Robert Albert Charles Davey
Thomas Davey
Thomas Henry Davey
Wilfred John Davey
Edith Mary Rawle
Emma Rawle
Florence Anna Rawle
George Rawle
John Tarr
Celeste Unknown
Elizabeth Unknown
Ellen Unknown


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