Family Bible of William and Emma Bird of Saffron Walden, Essex, 1880s

The large Victorian leatherbound Family Bible listing the children of William George Bird and his wife Emma of Saffron Walden. Only one page on the family register is filled in, listing six children with birth dates ranging from 1881 to 1889.

The Bible itself is in poor condition, the front board is detached and there is considerable wear to the back.

The Bible contains a small newspaper clipping of the poem “Poppies in Flanders” by the war poet Henry Chappell:

When the earth is robed in glory
From the kiss of sun and rain
There are many, many poppies
On the smiling Flanders plain;
Like stars of crimson glowling
By many a lowly bed
They flow’r from angel sowing
In memory of the dead.

But cold the winds are wailing
O’er the Flanders plain,
And the piteous mounds are lonely
Till the poppies bloom again;
But in our hearts we cherish
The flow’rs so frail and red
With a love not time may perish
In memory of the dead.


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This items mentions 6 individuals.
Surnames listed are Bird
Edith Sark Bird
Elizabeth Bird
Ellen Bird
Katie Bird
Sidney Bird
William Thomas Heyekiah Bird


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