Pocket Bible of Samuel & Martha Dewick of Wakefield, 1854

A small pocket Bible, inscribed “Samuel Dewick A present from [Cagl?] Sunday School 1854”.

The Bible includes the family register of Samuel Dewick and his wife Martha and includes the birth details of their two daughters Mary Ann and Sarah, along with the death details of Sarah who died at just 3 months old.

The register goes onto list the marriage of Mary Ann Dewick to Thomas Turner in Wakefield, 1893. It also lists the birth of Joseph William Collinson in 1866, the child of Martha Collinson, possibly the previous married name of Martha Dewick, but I haven’t researched this yet to determine whether that is the case.


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This items mentions 7 individuals.
Surnames listed are Collinson, Dewick and Turner
Joseph William Collinson
Martha Collinson
Martha Dewick
Mary Ann Dewick
Samuel Dewick
Sarah Dewick
Thomas Turner


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