Small Leather Bible of Matthew Smith of Histon, Cambridgeshire, 1865

Midsized leatherbound Bible, presented to Matthew Smith by the Histon Baptist Sunday School on Christmas Eve 1865, and containing birth and death details of his siblings Ann (b. 28th march 1846), Mary (b. 11th June 1853), Lucy Ann (b. 9th September 1853), and Esther (b. 27th September 1857), as well as his own birth and death dates and the death date of Elizabeth Granger.

We have verified this to be the Bible of Matthew Smith, the son of William Smith and Eliza Peacock who can be found living together with Matthew on Church Lane in Histon, in 1851 and Eliza, by now a widow can be found living with her father and children on Frank’s Lane in 1861.

The family register is written in a neat hand in Brown ink and pencil on the front endpapers in at least two hands, along with the presentation inscription. The Bible is enhanced by a lovely hand embroidered bookmark, acquired with the Bible, with blue stitching and ribbon, and the name Matthew on one side with the words “Obey God” on the reverse.

The Bible itself is complete though the spine and chords have spilt and the leather binding is rather scuffed. This is not unusual for an item such as this, and we can quote for repair and restoration. A nice, inexpensive item with history.


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Surnames listed are Chivers, Granger and Smith
Elizabeth Granger
Ann Smith
Esther Smith
Lucy Ann Smith
Mary Smith
Matthew Smith


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