Small Leather Bible of the Livermore family of Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire.


The front endpaper is initially inscribed “Daniel Livermore South Street. B [s?]” in a tight black hand. The endpaper then goes on to list in pencil the names and birthdates of the children of Daniel & Elizabeth Livermore of Bishop’s Stortford (as verified against official documents). The details are repeated more clearly on the rear endpaper in clear brown ink, along with various other scrawls and marks. The children listed are: Daniel Livermore (14th December 1839), William Livermore (1st February 1842), Hannah Livermore (3rd May 1844), James Livermore (22nd August 1846), Ruth Livermore (10th September 1848), Thomas Livermore (25th March 1851) and Emma Livermore (29th March 1854). Ruth’s name is crossed through. Thomas has the date 1881 next to his name but it is not clear what this date relates to.

Whether this belonged to Daniel Sr. or Daniel Jr. is not clear, but the apparent date of the Bible suggest early 19th century, and likely in our opinion to have belonged to Daniel Sr. This Bible is smaller than the classic and familiar brass clasped Victorian Family Bible’s, and indeed, hails from a period before such items were being mass produced. .

This Bible, as shown in the picture has suffered serious neglect in it’s past and this is reflected in the price. The front signature is completely missing to Genesis XLII. The first page is detatched and tatty, the remaining signatures and very title sewn on chords, though the spine is cracked. The New Testament is missing from The First Epistle of John. As a family heirloom this is priceless, and the lowest priced Family Bible we currently hold in stock. The size and binding make this a particularly tactile and pleasing item to handle.


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Surnames listed are Livermore
Daniel Livermore
Emma Livermore
Hannah Livermore
James Livermore
Ruth Livermore
Thomas Livermore
William Livermore


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