Family Bible of John Welch and his wife Lucy Page, East Anglia, 1818


This is the large leatherbound New Testament of John Welch (b. 1825) and his wife Lucy Page (b. 1834) with a nice hand written family register on the end paper covering themselves, their marriage and listing the names and birthdates of their 7 children. The children’s names are Rosa Agnes, Anna (corrected in pencil to Annie), Mary, John, Augustus, Selina and Harry. The register is written in a brown ink with a pen that was rather blotchy in places. It also includes some death and marriage details. Most of the children were born in Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire, though John hales from Ashdon in Essex, and Lucy Page and their first born daughter, Rosa Agnes both seem to have been born in Stockton, Norfolk.

Interestingly, the Bible also contains a handwritten page, dated November 28 1818 by the unusually named “Phefebey Welch” (possibly Phebey?) who originally owned the book. We’ve been unable to find any trace of the enigmatic “Phefebey”. The page seems to be her guide to life: “Improve in learning to be diligent In your Calling behave well to your Neighbours and to all about you honour your Friends and to about so good unto all men As you would they should do unto you”. The page then contiues with a very blotchy signature, reminiscent of one written with a quill pen, followed by various other writings, signatures and scrawlings.

The Bible itself contains numerous steel engravings of Biblical scenes and is printed on a lovely thick paper, typical of late 18th century books. Pasted onto the front endpaper is a small printed piece of paper with “Hymn For Holy Week”. The boards are detached, and the leather is scuffed, but otherwise this is a nice early 19th century copy of The New Testament with the Aporypha and a nice family register.


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Surnames listed are Page and Welch
Lucy Page
Annie Welch
Augustus Welch
Harry Welch
John Welch
John Welch
Lucy Welch
Mary Welch
Phefebey Welch
Phefebey Welch
Rosa Agnes Welch
Selina Welch


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