Original Victorian Copies of The Times Newspapers

We have thousands of copies of Victorian newspapers, and until we have time to catalogue them all, we are offering genuine Victorian editions of The Times at just £5.00 each.

12 – 16 pages of broadsheet in size (except for the odd example with an extra folded sheet), unlike it’s modern counterpart, the front page of these fabulous items start with the fascinating classified ads which we occasionally publish on our blog, covering everything from incognito lovers sending coded messages and evocative lost and founds to offers of rewards for information on the sending of poison pen letters.

After a page of Situations Vacant, there is international news, parliamentary news, and news from the police and law courts, which often include explicit details of the murder or execution of the day.

Our items typically come from library collections, and apart from some wear caused by stitching and glue to the spine, they are in almost pristine condition, having been stored flat and bound in archive conditions for over a century. Compare to the brittle draw lining you may find on ebay!

These are often bought from us by theatrical and dramatic societies looking for props, but they are also fascinating pieces of Victoriana in their own right

We will send you a random item from our collection in an acid free preservation sleeve for only £5.00. Perfect for Secret Santa, a cheap gift or just for a fascinating read for the price of a pint and a half. Please note we can only offer a maximum of 5 copies per order at this point, though we welcome bulk enquiries. If you would like a particular date or subject, please contact us – prices begin at just £8.00.

For the serious collector, we can provide source original library bound collections. Please contact us for details


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