Carte de Visite of Adelina de Lara, Pianist and Composer, 1880


Carte de visite of the British pianist and composer Adelina de Lara as an eight year old in 1880.

Born Lottie Adelina Preston, she was given the performing name of Adelina de Lara after a visit to a music shop with her father, to secure her first engagement. The music shop proprietor considered the name Adelina Preston far too ‘English’ to perform under and suggested her mother’s maiden name as a suitable replacement. She first appeared in public at the age of six, and gave recitals throughout the UK until the age of twelve.

As an adult, Adelina de Lara performed in public for the first time in 1891 and continued for over seventy years, making her final appearance in 1954. She made many recordings for the BBC and appeared on BBC Television on her 82nd birthday.

During World War II she played for Dame Myra Hess at the National Gallery and later in life, Sir Adrian Boult. In 1951 she was awarded an OBE. The late Queen Mother was a friend and sent good wishes for concerts on many occasions.

Adelina de Lara’s autobiography entitled Finale was published in 1955 and she died at the age of 89 in 1961.


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