Woodland / Cox Family of Luton, Fabulous Victorian Photo Album


A substantial leather bound Victorian photo album relating to the Woodland / Cox family of Luton. Based on the identified photos, the album seems to relate specifically to the family of Louisa Cox (b. 1869) and Walter Woodland (b. 1867).

The album includes a total of 46 photos – 21 large format Cabinet Cards, 23 Carte de Visite’s, 1 postcard and 1 tintype. A significant number of the photos can be identified as the parents, siblings or children of Louisa and Walter through pencil annotations throughout the photo album.

There are numerous additional unidentified photos, including group and individual portraits and military uniforms.

The album itself measures approx 24cm x 20xm x 7cm and was produced by “M & Co”, including a small gold leaf stamp within the cover.

A fascinating and vauable heirloom for the Woodland / Cox family


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This items mentions 29 individuals.
Surnames listed are Bedford, Brazier, Brown, Cox, Curl, Drewitt, Ellwood, Field, Holt, Howard, Newman, Page, Shedel, Unknown, Venus, Weedon and Woodland
Miss Bedford
Sally Brazier
Lot Brown
Fanny Cox
Job Cox
Louisa Cox
Will Cox
Harry Curl
Mrs Drewitt
Kate Ellwood
Mrs Field
Mr Field
Elizabeth Holt
Harry Howard
Sophia Howard
Mrs Newman
Alf Page
Rose Shedel
Arthur Unknown
Rose Unknown
Carrie Venus
Will Venus
Norman Weedon
Ann Woodland
Arthur Woodland
Charlotte Woodland
Flowers Woodland
Hilda Woodland
Jenny Woodland


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