Prophetic Print, “England Invaded by The French”, 1848, with owner inscription

Fold out print titled “England Invaded by the French” and extracted from “Reynold’s Astronomical and Prophetic Almanack for the Year 1848” and with an owner inscription penned to the reverse in a neat hand: “This book was presented to David Booth on the 29th Oct / 48 | Mr David Booth’s book Long Row Clitheroe Lancashire”.

The print itself appears to represent a hypothetical invasion by the French which the author suspects will not happen (“I think from the ominous aspect of affairs, in that country, that the French people will have enough to do managing their own affairs, without interfering with their neighbours”), and goes onto provide advice as to how the people of the nation should respond should the country be invaded (“let the young people and able bodied men, immediately form themselves into bodies, one half of which should march off to assist the regular troops”).

The depiction includes mystical symbols in the sky above the scene, along with both Britannia and the French Imperial Eagle rallying on their own troops.  The extraction includes attached the original frontispiece, also depicting mystical symbols or runes, as well as a summary prophecy for 1848 by “The Greatest Magician of the Age”, and a page of Medicinal Recipes for chopped hands, a cough, rheumatism, weak eyes etc.

A nice little curiosity


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Surnames listed are Booth and Reynolds
David Booth
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