Pierce Egan’s Life in London – Tom & Jerry Print. Blue Ruin

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Dimensions 30 × 21 cm
Published Title Tom & Jerry taking Blue Ruin after the Spell is broke up
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Prints from Pierce Egan's Life In London; Or The Day And Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn and his Elegant Friend, Corinthian Tom.

The original Tom & Jerry, "Life in London" was a smash when first published in 1821, detailing the high-jinx and scrapes befalling Corinthian Tom & Jerry Hawthorn, with their friend Bob Logic as theycarried out their adventures in London.

The numerous coloured illustrations were designed and engraved by Issac Robert & George Cruikshank, and give a fascinating insight into Regency life in the Capital city. Scenes include Dog fights, Cock fights, socialising with high society in Covent Garden, and low society ("the unsophisticated sons and daughters of nature") at the coffee shops and Inns. Tom & Jerry can be seen fighting in the street, preparing for some pugalistic pursuits, playing cards, appearing before the Sheriff and knocking over a night watchman in his box and watching two pretty ladies having their fortunes told "on the sly".

The level of detail in the prints is fascinating - the candle lamps in the cockpits, the foldaway bed in the fortune Tellers hovel, the ethnic mix in "low society". In all, these are beautiful insights into Regency London as it was, warts and all.

All prints are genuine antiques, nearly 200 years old, in acid free A4 mounts ready for framing.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 21 cm
Published Title Tom & Jerry taking Blue Ruin after the Spell is broke up

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