Letter to Miss Saul transcribed

Earlier today I posted up a small letter addressed to Miss B Saul of South Kensington with handwriting that I just could not get my head round.

One quick tweet later, and London based genealogist Judy Lester (@KerryWoodLondon) came to the rescue within about 10 minutes with a full transcription (paragraphs are mine):

“Dear B,
Molly had a little girl at 8 a.m. this morn[ing]. She asked me to let
you know.
All is going on most comfortably. I will write again later on
What capital lamp shades you have turned out. I had no idea you were so
clever but I will recommend them all over the place.
Very busy at Cottage – alterations [are truly ?] amazing.

Very cross[?] Lady Hunt Ball – I was in bed with Influenza – not
there. Miss Richmond is to wed Ledward in London on 23rd
I don’t know the church or should have xxxxx where xxxxx short

Love ever

So not Earth shattering, but a nice little item nonetheless, and better in the collection of the Saul family than my own!

Judy offers a comprehensive research service, and you can find full details on her website at www.kerrywood.co.uk