Family Bible of Adelaide Maud Amelia Williams of Loughborough in Leicestershire, 1897

The large leatherbound Victorian Bible of Adelaide Maud Amelia Williams (b. 21st March 1883) of Loughborough in Leicestershire, presented as a gift from her mother on the occasion of her 14th birthday in 1897.

The family register lists the birth and marriage dates of her parents Louis Napoelon Devon Williams (b. 1861) and Rachel Anne Williams (b. 1861) (who we know to be Rachael Anne Brooks of Loughborough). They married in January 1881. The Bible also lists the birth and death of Adelaide Maud, along with her marriage to R W Hart in 1917. There is a further “Special Events” section.

For me, this Bible is particularly poignant for two reasons. The inscription from the mother to the daughter in a neat heand on the front endpaper demonstrates a real love for Adelaide by her Mother. But this is compounded by the “Special Event” listed: “My father Louis N. D. Williams left England for America on Christmas Day year 1882. Settled in Philidelphia in the state of Pensylvania in North America”.

Louis Napoleon left for America 3 months before his daughter was born and less than a year after his marriage. He settled in Philidelphia where he manufactured knitting machines, and registered patents on some further innovations on the technology. There is no evidence he ever returned to England. Rachael Anne never remarried and remained listed as married through subsequent censuses.

The Bible is good condition, though the front board is detached. Otherwise clean, tight and complete.


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Surnames listed are Hart and Williams
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