Family Bible of Edwin and Ellen Shepperd of Devonport, 1865

A large Victorian leatherbound Family Bible with a Family register covering births, marriages and deaths within the Shepperd and Hanning family of St Budeaux, Plymouth, Devon, and covering 8 individuals and 3 generations with birth dates ranging from 1838 to 1911.

Edwin Joseph Shepperd married Ellen Elizabeth on February 21st 1865 at St Pauls, Devonport, and together, according to the Family Register, had 1 child: Ellen Sophia Sheppherd, born January 19th 1877. Ellen Sophia married James Henry Hanning on 28th August 1900 in Lifton, Devon and between them had four children: James Thomas Hanning (July 13th 1901 – July 27th 1901), Gilbert Edwin Hanning (Feb 28th 1901), Ellen Louisa Hanning (Dec 29th 1908) and Kathleen Mary Hanning (Feb 7th 1911). The register goes on to list the deaths of Ellen Sophia on 20th July 1925, and the hitherto unmentioned Thomas Charles Shepperd on 19th Feb 1928, age 70.

The Bible itself is a classic large Victorian Family Bible, with pre-printed family register pages and numerous steel engravings. The Bible is calf bound with gold tooling, and defective cooper edging and clasps. These large Bibles are particularly susceptible to damage, as the hinges just cannot hold the weight of the boards (I’ve yet to find a single Victorian Bible without some hinge defects). The boards are still attached, but there is some splitting to the hinges. The stitching is still very tight, and the spine is attached, but three is some evidence of mouse damage to the edges of the first 150 pages or so. We can quote for full restoration.

A typically impressive item that deserves to be returned to it’s family


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Family Bible of Edwin and Ellen Shepperd of Devonport, 1865

Devon, St Budeaux, Plymouth, United Kingdom

People Associated With This Item

This items mentions 9 individuals.
Surnames listed are Hanning and Shepperd
Ellen Louisa Hanning
Gilbert Edwin Hanning
James Henry Hanning
James Thomas Hanning
Kathleen Mary Hanning
Edwin Joseph Shepperd
Mrs Ellen Elizabeth Shepperd
Ellen Sophia Shepperd
Thomas Charles Shepperd


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