Family Bible of John Jones and Mary Thomas of Llanelly, Camarthenshire, Wales, 1870s

An impressive large leatherbound Bible with unusually brass stud decoration and gold tooling to the boards, and from the family of John A Jones and Mary Thomas of Llanelly, Camarthenshire, Wales. The family register across three pages details the birth dates and marriage of John and Mary, and goes on to detail the births of their seven children born between 1875 and 1886 (John Alfred, Mary Ann, Hannah, Leah, William, Rose Catherine and Albert Thomas). The third page goes on to detail the death of two children in childhoos,a s well as the death of John and Mary, and finally the death of William Jones in 1931.

The Jones family can be positively identified in the 1881 census of Wales as farm labourers in the Hamlet of Glyn, and this is bourne out by death details in the Bible. Despite their modest occupation, the Bible is of significantly better quality than usually found from this era suggesting they were a family of some piety. This quality is reflected in the condition of the Bible: although worn and clearly well used, the boards are still attached despite the weak hinges, no doubt protected by the brass studs. The pages show some typical staining but are ultimately clean. The Bible would benefit from some restoration but is in significantly better condition than most we find. A real family heirloom.


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Surnames listed are Bycham, Jones, Pant and Thomas
Albert Thomas Jones
Hannah Jones
John Jones
John Jones
John Alfred Jones
Leah Jones
Mary Ann Jones
Rose Catherine Jones
William Jones
Maesy Pant
Mary Thomas
William Thomas


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