Family Bible of John Nettle and Sarah Barron of Cornwall

Found this Bible in a Devon antique shop, but was lacking in funds and unable to purchase. This is a medium sized Victorian leatherbound Bible, published in Cambridge and containing the hand written Family Register of John and Sarah Nettle nee Barron who married in St Austell, Cornwall, 1858. We have identified the Family in question from the UK Census, and can show them living in Cornwall between at least 1861 and 1911, spending most of their time in St Blazey

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This items mentions 12 individuals.
Surnames listed are Nettle
Albert Percy Nettle
Annie Nettle
Catherine Barron Nettle
Elizabeth Reed Nettle
James Barron Nettle
Janey Nettle
John Nettle
John Barron Nettle
John Barron Nettle
Liley Nettle
S Nettle
William H Nettle