Family Bible of Mrs G J Forcey, with references to Huggins, 1862

Medium sized Victorian Bible from 1859, initially inscribed as belonging to Mrs G J Forcey, 1862, with a later “Huggins” Family Register. The rear endpaper has some light pencil notes listing firstnames of family members. The front endpaper has religious tracts from Jehovah’s Witness publication “Watch Tower” pasted to it.


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This items mentions 12 individuals.
Surnames listed are Forcey, Huggins, King and M
Mrs G J Forcey
Alan Huggins
Alice Huggins
Ann Huggins
Anthony Edwin Huggins
Mr James Edwin Huggins
Naomi Lois Huggins
Pamela Mary Huggins
Ruth Olive Huggins
Sheila Doris Huggins
N King


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