Family Bible of Samuel and Ann Smith, with references to Goswell, Lickfield and Webb, 1847

Here we have an interesting Family Bible, given as a gift to Samuel and Ann Smith by their daughter, Sophia, on 24th May 1847. The family register seemingly covers 26 individuals and four surnames. There is very little indication how the surnames are linked. The surnames covered are Goswell, Lickfield, Smith and Webb.

The family register begins on the rear endpaper with the birth of John Smith, son of Samuel and Ann, and goes on to list a further 7 children born up until 1827. Curiously Sophia is not listed in the family register. On the same list appears Charles Goswell, also born 1827, with no indication how he fits into the Smith family.

The register continues on the front endpaper with the Goswell family, and lists the children of 5 children of John and Ann Goswell, born between 1852 and 186? (the final year digit on the year of birth has been obscurred by a repair earlier in the Bible’s life).

A third register,also on the front endpaper list the two children born to Charles and Ann Web between 1876 and 1878, and a further entry list Edward Charles Lickfield, son of Edward and Annie? Lickfield, born 22/09/1880.

A religious poem is written in brown ink on the reverse of the title page.

The Bible itself is in very good condition, having been repaired in it’s recent history. It’s leather binding in in unusually good condition, with fine repairs to the hinges and spine.

All in all, a handsome and usable Family Bible.


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This items mentions 26 individuals.
Surnames listed are Goswell, Lickfield, Smith and Webb
Anne Goswell
Mrs Anne Goswell
Charles Goswell
Charles Goswell
Charles Goswell
Emma Goswell
Henrietta Goswell
Henry Goswell
Ann Lickfield
Edward Lickfield
Edward Charles Lickfield
Ann Smith
Ann Smith
Charles Smith
Henry Smith
James Smith
John Smith
Richard Smith
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith
Sophia Smith
Thomas Smith
Anne Webb
Annie Webb
Charles Webb
John Webb


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