Family Bible of Daniel and Silvey Wilkes


Family Bible of Daniel and ‘Silvey’ (Silvia) Wikles of Darlaston in the West Midlands. This is slightly smaller than the typical mass produced Victorian Bibles, measuring 26cm x 17cm x 7cm.

The family register in at least three hands covers 19 individuals in the Wilkes and Brown family, plus a reference to the imprisonment of Henry Bayley:

“Henry Bayley had one month of imprisonment and after that 5 years at the infirmite for stealing iron at the squire field on the 12th day of February 1869 Tride at Bilston”

As well as the family register, the item includes a number of inserts, most notable a newspaper cutting greeting Gran Brown on her 90th birthday and a rather creepy over exposed photograph of a smiling family group. One pages of the Bible also include some hair clippings.

The binding of the Bible itself is rather loose, with the spine and front cover detached from the binding, but attached to the rear board. One page of the family register is loose. The leather binding is rubbed and worn, as is typical. The Bible would benefit from restoration.


Locations Associate with this Item

Family Bible of Daniel and Silvey Wilkes

West Bromwich, United Kingdom

Family Bible of Daniel and Silvey Wilkes

Darlaston, Wednesbury, United Kingdom

People Associated With This Item

This items mentions 19 individuals.
Surnames listed are Bayley, Brown and Wilkes
henry Bayley
Elizabeth Brown
Ellen Brown
Francis Brown
George Brown
John Brown
John Brown
Lillian Brown
Sarah Ann Brown
William Brown
Comfort Wilkes
Daniel Wilkes
Elizabeth Harston Wilkes
Elizabeth Harston Wilkes
Jamima Wilkes
Job Edward Wilkes
Mary Elizabeth Wilkes
Sylva Wilkes
Mrs Sylvie Wilkes


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