The Family Bible of John Bowyer Jones, 1808

A large leatherbound Bible, with evidence of a crude repair in it’s long life that would benefit from some basic restoration. A fascinating and beautiful family register makes this one of my favourite stock pieces yet. Containing a family regsiter across two pages detailing the parents and siblings of the John Bowyer Jones written in a number of styles and in total listing 15 individuals with dates ranging from 1815 – 1897 with other un dated individuals extending back into the 1700s. There is no location information in the Bible,but we do know John Bowyer Jones died in Monmouthshire, Wales in 1869.


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The Family Bible of John Bowyer Jones, 1808

Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom

People Associated With This Item

This items mentions 14 individuals.
Surnames listed are Jones and Walton
Ann Jones
Annie Bowyer Jones
Edward Giles Jones
Mrs Elizabeth Ann Jones
Elizabeth Dukes Jones
John Bowyer Jones
Sarah Elizabeth Jones
William Jones
William Dukes Jones
Catherine Rigby Walton
Ellen Annie Walton
Henry Walton
Henry Bowyer Walton
John Rigby Walton