Set of Carte de Visites relating to Daniel Lambert of Leicester


This item references 1 individuals with dates spanning from 1769 to 1809.
The surnames Lambert are referenced.

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An interesting set of two Carte de Visites relating to Daniel Lambert, once the heaviest person in the World.

The first photo is of a portrait of Daniel, c. 1800, which appears to be based on the Daniel Lambert portrait held in the Wellcome Collection.

The second photo is of Daniel Lambert's grave in St Martin's Churchyard, Stamford which clearly shows the inscription:

In Remembrance of that Prodigy in Nature.
a Native of Leicester:
who was possessed of an exalted and convivial Mind
and in personal Greatness had no Competitor
He measured three Feet one Inch round the Leg
nine Feet four Inches round the Body
and weighed
Fifty two Stone eleven Pounds!
He departed this Life on the 21st of June 1809
Aged 39 years
As a Testimony of Respect this Stone is erected by his Friends in Leicester.

The Carte de Visites are from the studio of G A Nichols of Stamford, and appear to date from the 1870s. A rare set.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 cm

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